It is located in the native village of Saparmurat Niyazov – Kipchak, 15 km from Ashgabat. To the state budget of Turkmenistan this building made of white marble cost 100 million US dollars. It is a great architectural building of the Saparmurat Niyazov era. The total area of ​​the mosque is 18 thousand square meters, and its height is 55 m. Near the mosque there are four 80-meter minarets. The size of the building allows you to pray at the same time to seven thousand men and three thousand women.

In 2006, Niyazov was buried in a sarcophagus, which is placed in the center of the mausoleum, built at the same time as the mosque. In addition to Niyazov, the remains of his mother, father and two brothers who were killed in the earthquake in 1948 are also buried in the mausoleum