Caravanserai, Dayahatyn is located on the road leading from Turkmenabat in Khorezm. This building is located inside the defensive walls discount Tahiry and is a monument of architecture of XI-XII centuries, masters of North Khorasan schools of the Seljuk time.

The caravanserai had a symmetrical square layout, a 4-aisled inner yard with a covered vaulted gallery along the perimeter. From the north was a wide, high entrance in the form of an arch. The structure was built of raw brick, and when building various variants of vaulted ceilings, a brick was used. The facade was laid out in a unique ornamental pattern. Before the discount was reinforced with round and rectangular towers, and on the roof were lined with brick stairs. Until now, only the vast ruins have been preserved. On some walls remained relief fragments of texts with the names of the Arab caliphs Abubakra, Omar and Ali.