A small mosque, Paraw Bibi is located near the city of Turkmenbashi and is a sacred place for all Muslim women. This mosque is one of the most revered pilgrimage sites in all of Turkmenistan.

This small white mosque stands quite high, on one of the rocks of the mountain system Kopetdag – the Dry Mountains. According to an ancient legend, Parau-bibi is a beautiful Turkmen, she lived in one of the villages in the district. Once it was promised to give it to the enemy, which, naturally, she did not want. Then the woman fled into the rocks and prayed for salvation for a long time.

Her prayer was heard, the rocks dispersed and hid the Parau-Bibi, and on this site people built a small mosque in honor of the unbowed heart. Since then, this place is considered a saint, and Parau-Bibi herself is the patroness of pregnant women and newborn babies. Very often Muslim mosque is visited, asking for a holy good husband, many children and long-term preservation of beauty and health.

Now a huge number of Muslim women pilgrims come to this mosque every year, who necessarily go up to the mosque and pray there. In addition, the view that opens from the rock is simply stunning and really inspires and makes one believe in a miracle.

The curve of the ladder leads to the mosque. Half-way you can see the prints in the rock that Parau-Bibi left: from the knee, elbow, finger and forehead. Young pilgrims are attached to them and pray. Also, according to legend, lying a little further away some crescent-shaped stones, were earlier pieces of melon, which Parau-bibi in a panic threw at the approaching enemies. Today, according to custom, young women attack these stones. If the stone begins to rotate, then – everything will be fine. If it does not rotate, then in a year it is necessary to try again, after returning to these wonderful places.