In ancient manuscripts originating from the time of Oguz Khan, epoch-making events are mentioned. And through the patterns skillfully interwoven with the skillful hands of Turkmen carpet weavers with subtlety, the love of the Fatherland and fidelity to the native family are transmitted. Carpet weaving is embraced by an amazing worldview of Turkmen women and it combines such concepts as love, tenderness, zeal and subtly shaped unique art. Thus, the Turkmen masters renowned for their art forever left their heirs unique wealth – carpet weaving.

To assist in the revival, preservation and creative development of old traditions of Turkmen carpet weaving, which is one of the remarkable types of arts and crafts, as well as increasing the glory of handmade Turkmen carpets, the Decree of the President of Turkmenistan from 20 March 1993 in Ashgabat was created by the Museum of Turkmen carpet.

In the Great Revival epoch in the Turkmen carpet Museum is developing the art of hand weaving, which is considered a national pride, multiplied the value of this art, carefully preserved the originals of the most skilled and ancient carpets. Employees of the Turkmen carpet Museum studied on a scientific basis historical and artistic value the remarkable carpets and restore old carpets.

The Museum of Turkmen carpet is one of the cultural centres of Turkmenistan, which houses about 2,000 carpet exhibits. In the exhibition halls of the Museum contain rare and elaborately woven carpets and rugs. The Museum houses the smallest carpet product, designed for carrying keys, a size of which is equal to., as well as the world’s largest handmade carpet total area of 301 sq. m. Carpet giant made in 2001, and in 2003 entered in the Guinness book of records.

The Museum’s double-sided, embossed, silk carpets, woven of three or four centuries ago converted into a brand new carpet. The restoration of the amazing artistry and strength, as well as artfully woven old carpets is considered a very difficult job. Here restaurerede and the carpets, every square meter which consists of 1 350 000 knots. The Museum has about 8 thousand specimens of old carpets, with numerous patterns, which show nearly a thousand gels. Simultaneously, the search for and collection of old carpets.

August 31, 2009 in architectural necklace of Ashgabat appeared and shone in all its brilliance one more gem – a magnificent ensemble of an office building “Turkmenhaly” and the new building of the National Museum of Turkmen carpet. This ensemble covers an area of 13400 sq. m. (administrative building – 8311, Museum – 5089). Now within the walls of this Palace-Museum will host international academic forums, conferences, collecting on the Turkmen land of connoisseurs of Turkmen carpet, scientists, researchers, and art critics from different countries. On the opening day of the National Turkmen carpet Museum there was an exhibition of carpets and carpet products of all enterprises of art carpet making five provinces.