One of the magnificent mosques of Mary is the Gurbanguly-Haji Mosque. This mosque is called the main mosque in the Mary velayat.

The project of building a beautiful building with a unique architecture was developed in 2001. Due to the fact that there was not enough money, the mosque was considered long-term construction. A million dollars was allocated from the charity fund of Turkmenistan in order for the mosque to be completed. Opened this attractive building in 2009, and was named after the country’s president Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov. In honor of the opening of this masterpiece of architecture, there was even arranged a ritual dinner called Sadaka.

The building of the main mosque consists of a large domed hall and minarets on four corners. The height of each of them is 63 meters. The hall, where prayers are held, is intended for 2500 people to attend the prayer. The tier, which is located on top, is intended for women.

To finish the inner side of the mosque used marble, a faience tile of different colors, plaster for sculpting, decorative mosaic and artistic die-cutting on the stone. A beautiful gilded crescents complete the beauty of the turquoise domes of the Gurbanguly-Haji Mosque.