In Kara Kum the unique Repeteksky reserve was located. Its open spaces occupy the space in 34600 hectares of the sandy desert. Scales of such place take the breath away. This hottest place of Turkmenistan where in 1983 temperature in 51,8 degrees Celsius was recorded above zero. This measurement was made in a shadow therefore it is not difficult to present to heat in this place.

Created this place as a protected area was in 1927. Already in 1979, the Repetek Reserve acquired an international status “biosphere”. In the former USSR there were only seven such places.

In this unique protected area you can meet various representatives of fauna. For example, here dwells 1343 species of invertebrates, one species of amphibians, reptiles comprise 22 species, of which 2 are listed in the Red book. The birds surprise their diversity, because they can be seen in the amount of 202 species. Here find different mammals, which is comfortable to be in such weather conditions.
There are a number of animals, which protects Red book: goitered Gazelle, Caracal, Indian porcupine, Cobra, grey monitor lizard and rare species of birds. The ecosystem of this place is to be protected, because the thickets of black saxaul very rare