Commercial importation is always taxed.

If the quantity or nature of the goods suggests the use of goods for commercial purposes, they should be paid customs duties and other taxes. This also applies to any other goods imported for profit.

Importation is not considered commercial if the goods are imported by an individual in escorted luggage for personal or family purposes or as gifts

Mandatory declaration.

Goods whose importation is limited or subject to customs duties, excises, or other payments are subject to mandatory declaration in writing. Goods that are not intended for production or commercial purposes are declared by individuals in a simplified manner, without filling out the passenger customs declaration.

The purpose of goods is determined by the customs authority on the basis of an application of an individual for goods transported through the customs border of Turkmenistan, taking into account the following:

  • The nature of the goods and their quantity
  • Frequency of movement of goods

Declaration of goods.

The declaration must be completed by those individuals who have reached adulthood.

Goods belonging to persons who have not reached adulthood must be declared by their parents, foster parents, guardians, guardians or other individuals acting by proxy of these persons.

Rules for the import and export of currency from Turkmenistan by individuals.

Individuals may import currency funds in cash to Turkmenistan without any restrictions, but by declaring them from the customs authorities. Individuals can export their foreign currency funds from Turkmenistan in the amount of no more than US $ 10,000 or in equivalent to this amount in another currency, as well as currency funds that were previously imported in cash and declared to the customs authorities of Turkmenistan upon presentation of the customs declaration confirming the right of import.

Phones for information

State Customs Service of Turkmenistan

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