Chink Butentau — an extended flat ridge in which steep part on more than three kilometers, places in two tiers, stretched openings of caves. In kilometer from a chinka, opposite to caves, ruins medieval the fortress of Joint stock company-kala (White fortress) are seen. But nobody — neither locals, nor travelers, nor archeologists, could tell, the nature or the person created caves. And what the most surprising how it became clear later, in details described history of ancient Khwarezm in “General History” of Polibiya (the 2nd century BC) and in works of Herodotus, Martselin and medieval historians and geographers of Ibn-Hordadbek, al-Yakubi and al-Istarkhi and the great Khorezm scientist al-Biruni where detailed descriptions of all settlements and irrigation canals of this territory are given are not, about the cave cities words?!