“Rai Tre” called Turkmenistan the best direction for tourism in 2018

According to the results of the survey of spectators, the Italian TV channel “Rai Tre” named best destinations for traveling in 2018. Turkmenistan became the leader of the survey in the category “History”, the news Agency ORIENT.tm.

It is reported that the opinion of viewers and tourists who travel to different parts of the world was explored after numerous TV programs about tourism and travel, shot by TV station for the most popular destinations.

It is noteworthy that in Turkmenistan for people interested in history, there are many historical places to travel. Among the most attractive historical monuments of Turkmenistan can be called a so-called “Turkmen Stonehenge” – the city of Altyn-Depe. The ancient city is dated by historians to the bronze age (2300-1900 BC). Here tourists will be able to see the pictograms of ancient peoples that resemble protalinski and proto-Sumerian “writing”.

Great interest of travelers and the historic town of Parthia, and especially its cultural capital, the Ancient Nissa. Will not leave anyone indifferent cities and fortresses of the great Margiana. It was on this land first in the Greeks and Romans met the Chinese. In this region, in 53 BC, were saved from the anger of the defeated at the battle of Carrhae the Roman legions of Crassus.

In turn, in the East of Turkmenistan abound in the historical monument of the middle ages. In those years this land had no equal in the world in terms of culture and the development of science. Ancient cities and the mausoleums of Il-Arslan, Tekesh, the Turabek-Khanum, the minaret of Kutlug-Timur, mausoleum of Astana-Baba mentally transport travellers in his time.

Recall, 1 December 2017, Turkmenistan adopted a state Program of scientific research and excavation of historical and cultural monuments along the Great silk road and promotion of cultural inheritance.