The name of the city Ashgabat comes from the Persian word “eshg” that means love and “Abad”, which translates as inhabited, well-maintained. And it’s true! Today, Ashgabat is not just the capital of Turkmenistan, but also the largest industrial, scientific and cultural center of the country.

The city concentrates a huge amount of government institutions and agencies, as well as interesting monuments and
attractions. So, the city several times entered the Guinness Book of records. First, as the city with the largest number of buildings finished with white marble. Indeed, such buildings in Ashgabat, 543, and the total area of marble city is 4.5 million square meters! Second, the city installed the world’s tallest flagpole (133 meters). Thirdly, there is the large Ferris wheel. Fourth, it built the largest fountain complex “Oguzkhan and sons”, where the total area of the fountains is 15 acres! And finally, the largest architectural image of the star (“Star of Oguzkhan” on Turkmen television tower) is also included in the Guinness Book of records.
A very interesting place for visiting in Ashkhabad is monument to the book “Ruhnama”, which was written by Turkmenbashi, the first President of Turkmenistan. The book is considered sacred to the Turkmen, and it describes a biography of the first President, the country’s history, as well as the basic commandments and moral principles by which to live residents of Turkmenistan. At certain times the book is opened with the help of multimedia technologies, visitors to the monument can see clearly the important historical moments of formation and development of Turkmenistan.