The complex of sports games is the largest construction of the Ashgabat Olympic town

The total area of ​​the universal gaming hall is more than 26.2 thousand square meters. The dominant feature of the complex is a specialized hall for hand games, the dimensions of which are 155.40×168.40
, And the height is 43 meters, which exceeds the height of the five-story building. The complex’s capabilities make it possible to use it for several “related” sports.

Universal indoor sports arena appeared in Ashgabat for the first time. Here, world-class tournaments can be held. At the upcoming Asian Games in 2017, international competitions will be held in the following sports: basketball, volleyball, handball, rhythmic gymnastics, badminton, fencing, table tennis and trampolining. In addition, the complex has the capacity to conduct competitions in judo and national wrestling.

Sports complexes of this format have sets of stationary and transformable auxiliary equipment. Unlike specialized halls for wrestling, boxing and weightlifting, on the universal sports arenas it is economically justified to create a large number of places for fans. In our sports complex the stands of the sports hall are designed for 15 thousand spectators, which will allow us to hold world-class competitions here.