The name “Darvaz” means “gate”, and this is absolutely an amazing story. The fact that this name is not the crater, and the nearest village. And when she got it, no gates of hell next to another was not observed. They appeared, like all the terrible and wonderful in the world, thanks to the intervention of man. In the early 70-ies of geologists discovered a promising gas field (in Turkmenistan, they are not uncommon). Started drilling and mining, but during the work of geologists stumbled across a surprise: an underground cavern. It fell through the rig, equipment and vehicles, but fortunately no casualties.

Of course, natural gas began to flow from the hole in the earth. To prevent local residents from poisoning with harmful compounds, it was decided to ignite this gas in the hope that it would soon burn out and die out. As you know, the crater has not died out yet, and is not even going to. The width of the crater is 60 meters, the depth is 20. An ominous bright flame exposes its “fingers” from it day and night – but if in the daytime it somehow does not touch, then in the dark time the “Gate of Hell” manifests itself in all its glory: the cavern Looks like it came off in the flesh and in color from medieval engraving.